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How is Seamless Underwear Made?

How is Seamless Underwear Made?

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How is Seamless Underwear Made: Women choose seamless underwear for a variety of reasons, and it is now becoming a popular trend in fashion industry.

A seamless garment is created with either no sewing at all or very little stitching. The majority of the time, seamless clothing is knitted straight from yarns. A seamless garment’s garment design is created in a way that the finished product from the knitting machine is a wearable garment. There are several seamless clothing options available other than underwear such as activewear, streetwear, and swimming wear.

NF Seamless specializes in manufacturing high-quality seamless clothing products and it sells its products to retailers and private labels all around the world.

How is Seamless Underwear Made: Seamless Underwear Manufacturing

How is Seamless Underwear Made: The process of seamless garment manufacturing begins with creating the system-based design for the item. A designer creates the designs for the items that will be knitted using an automated circular knitting machine in this stage.

Then, a fast circular knitting machine is used to create pantyhose by apparel manufacturers. A machine operator may operate five to six circular knitting machines. The knitting machine receives the product design and automatically knits the form products. Two seamless panties are knitted together into one tube for making the base product. However, white yarns are used to make these panties. Therefore, to get the required shade of underwear, knit panties are then colored in a dyeing machine.

All panties are manually inspected for knitting and dyeing flaws after being dyed by clothing manufacturers. To prevent further processing on a defective pair of panties, defective ones are removed. Then, panties are sorted by size. Use of an under-the-light table for quality control is common.

How is Seamless Underwear Made in the Final Stage: Each pair of seamless underwear must be labeled with the private label’s name, item size, washing and care instructions, and fiber composition. Once these steps are done, two sides of the panties are stitched together by the help of an overlock machine. Finally, another quality control is done to assure the highest quality.