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Small Quantity Garment Manufacturer

Small Quantity Garment Manufacturer

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Small quantity garment manufacturers occupy a crucial space in the fashion industry by making it possible for small businesses to realize their product lines and reach their customers.

MOQ is a term that you should now before starting to work with apparel manufacturers. MOQ, or “minimum order quantity,” is an acronym. For a production order, it refers to the smallest number of units a manufacturer will take.

For instance, if a garment manufacturer has a MOQ of 50 pieces per style, you would need to place an order for at least 50 of that style in order to satisfy the MOQ criteria of a supplier for a single manufacturing run. Almost all vendors have some sort of MOQ. Depending on the kind of factory, what they’re producing, and where they are, each supplier’s volumes will vary greatly.

NF Seamless specializes in manufacturing high-quality seamless clothing products and it sells its products to retailers and private labels all around the world.

Small Quantity Garment Manufacturer: Clothing Manufacturers for Small Orders

Small Quantity Garment Manufacturer: Different clothing manufacturers will have a unique definition of MOQ. Some companies base their MOQ on the entire order volume, such as requiring a minimum of 1000 units of a given item in any color or size. Others may base their minimum on a person’s preference for a certain style, color, size, or aspect.

The particular regulations are determined by the private label activewear manufacturer‘s workflow, garment manufacturing techniques and what is practical for them. In the end, MOQ is all about increasing productivity. Depending on the specific small quantity garment manufacturer, that may change.

On the other hand, MOQ is also influenced by the kind of product that is being produced. Producing some goods requires significantly more complexity than producing others. But the biggest difference is in how a product is manufactured. For instance, something manufactured by hand could be possible to be produced in a rather small amount. On the other hand, a product made on a specialized machine might need an MOQ in the thousands just to justify computer programming and operating it.

As NF Seamless, we always try to help small businesses as well. Therefore, you can contact us about your products to learn about our great offers.